Why choose Domprojekt

Building a future home is a significant step in the life of each individual. In order to make the entire process of building a future home as easy as possible, you should entrust a company with experience in design and construction with the building.

The Domprojekt Company is the best choice for building your future home:
  • the first and leading company in Croatia for the construction of low-energy prefabricated housing
  • tradition in building low-energy houses since 1992 and designing since 1984
  • great professional experience that we apply in construction, which allows us to build and shape very demanding constructions
  • thousands of houses built
  • CE certificate - certified wall, slab, and roof elements, guarantee for quality production of low-energy prefabricated houses
  • the MPA Stuttgart, Otto - Graf - control of production and used materials according to DIN 1052
  • Best Buy Award  2012/2013, 2014/2015, 2016/2017, 2018/2019 - the best proportion between price and quality, according to votes from the Croatian construction profession and Croatian citizens
  • Qudal 2013/2014, 2015/2016 - QUality meDAL - the Croatian construction profession placed Domprojekt at first place according to quality
  • Superbrands 2014, 2017/2018 - Domprojekt is Croatian leading brand
  • Golden AAA credit worthiness certificate 2017, 2018 - Domprojekt is in 0,4% of best Croatian companies
  • design - we use the most modern construction software for all phases of the project
  • modern solutions, architecturally shaped and adapted to the low-energy construction concept
  • production - the most modern technology in the construction of low-energy houses and buildings
  • the use of the best quality certified materials in the production and construction of low-energy prefabricated housing and buildings
  • construction adapted to the needs and limitations of the investor
  • multiple systems of construction: StandardEuroEuroMAX and Mega
  • level of construction according to personal desire:
    • completed shell - basic offer or expanded offer
    • key in hand above the foundations or with the foundations
  • flexibility in choosing the material used in construction
  • guarantee: for completed work, two years, and 30 years for the construction of low-energy prefabricated houses.