Why build a Domprojekt house

Domprojekt makes the entire process from planning to moving in simple, accessible and understandable.

  • Choose your house and its features from the catalogue or according to your own ideas with the professional support of our staff choose the level of completion and house features the contracted price of the house is unchangeable and guaranteed
  • at the show home and during open houses you will have the chance to see the construction system and feel an ambiance identical to the one you will have in your home
  • all the elements of the house are constructed in a factory under constant monitoring and control
  • onsite installation to a house covered in roof tiles lasts only a few days
  • prefabricated houses are a product, and do not necessarily require your presence or assistance at the construction site
  • all materials used are natural and environmentally tested
  • the interior of the house is sheathed in gypsum boar which naturally regulates the humidity in rooms
  • save up to 60% on energy for heating in comparison to a standard insulated building
  • upon completion of installation, all you have to do is take the keys of your new home.
If you would like to conduct your daily business and social life without any additional burdens while your house is being built, exactly as you wanted it, then Domprojekt is your best choice.