CAD and 3D-CAD/CAM programs are used it the preparation process of designing the house and its elements, which help achieve maximum precision and efficiency in the production and house construction process.

Besides the constructional elements of the house (walls, ceilings, roof), the PVC pipe layout within the walls for the electrical installation and any eventual additional wiring for antenna systems, alarms, etc., as well as preparation for plumbing and sewage are also designed.

All the materials used in the production process are attested and are in accordance with the European Union norms. Wooden material has been dried to 18% humidity and impregnated with natural protective substances (Borosol solution), which ensures total wood protection. The other materials used have also been attested by the producers and are entirely imported from European Union countries.

The production process, from preparation, protection, and processing the construction material, building the construction elements of the low-energy prefabricated housing, precisely defined with 3D-CAD/CAM software is conducted in a factory facility in controlled conditions.
The finished stored walls are covered with thermal insulation on the exterior and roughly applied construction glue, onto which a final coat and decorative stucco façade is added to the completely installed house, in the color the investor chooses. Windows and doors are installed in external walls in the factory.

The installation of houses on site is conducted with a crane onto prepared reinforced concrete foundation slab. Due to the previously conducted tasks in designing, and the volume of factory construction, the installation process is relatively quick and easy. It is conducted by the company’s experienced and qualified installation workers.

In ideal weather conditions, the installation of walls, ceilings, and roof trusses takes one day, on average. The time it takes to tile the roof depends on the complexity of the roof. Upon completion of the roof, the façade and decorative stucco is completed, after which the only thing that remains is to install the fire-resistant gypsum boards on the ceiling and to build the chimney.

The finishing work within the building depends on the agreement and the customer’s desires. The maximum amount of time necessary to construct a house to a high level of completion is 15-30 days.