Level of completion

For foreign markets, we offer rough construction.

Rough construction includes the construction of the building on prepared foundations, completely finished on the exterior, with the interior brought to the phase of finishing works.

Rough construction includes the following works:
  • Construction and installation of exterior walls according to the chosen construction system: Standard, Euro, EuroMAX or Mega. Tubing and electrical boxes for electrical installation have been installed in the walls.
  • Construction and installation of non-load-bearing walls with an impregnated wooden construction for the Standard, Euro and Mega system, with a wooden construction 10 or 12 cm wide, with d=6 cm of rock wool insulation, sheathed on both sides with fire resistant gypsum fiber – fermacell board d=1.25 cm, onto which a gypsum board d=1.25 cm is installed on both sides. For the EuroMAX system, non-load-bearing walls are made of glued laminated wood (glulam), 10 or 12 cm wide, with rock wool insulation, sheathed on both sides with fire resistant gypsum fiber – fermacell board d=1.5 cm. Tubing and electrical boxes for electrical installations are installed.
  • Floor construction (multi-level houses) – KVH or glulam wooden joists for the EuroMAX system, with dimensions and spacing in accordance with the static calculation, insulated with d=10 cm or d=20 cm mineral wool on overhangs, OSB board, d=1.8 cm on the top side, and lathing and fire resistant gypsum board d=1.25 cm on the bottom.
  • Ceiling construction (single-level, single-level with attic, multi-level): mineral wool d=20 cm for the Standard system, d=25 cm for the Euro and Mega system, vapor barrier, lathe, fire resistant gypsum board d=1.25 cm for the Mega system.
  • Roof construction – for single-level and multi-level, wooden trusses, and for single-level with an attic, classic construction made of KVH lumber, with humidity to 18% with a boarded roof, slats, and roof membrane.
  • Roofing for houses with sloped roofs if Bramac Protector tile with accessories, and for flat roofs: OSB board, expanded polystyrene, geotextile, hydro insulation membrane, and protective layer of granulated gravel.
  • Thermal façade construction: polystyrene d=10 cm, construction glue, and final finishing with silica stucco in the color the investor chooses, granulation 2 mm. The price does not include scaffolding.
  • Eaves construction: single-level – decorative façade, single level with attic, or multi-level – paneling with protective coating.
  • Exterior carpentry: PVC profile, opening tilt, swing, and slide, triple glazed glass, thermal transfer coefficient Ug=0.7 W/m²K, low-e+argon, white windows, no grills, windgow grills are planned for fixed windows at houses with flat roofs.
  • Garage door: sectioned, automatic, thermally insulated
  • Foldable attic ladder
  • Stone window sills: stone (granite/marble) or aluminum (roof windows – dormer windows)
  • Flashing made of galvanized colored steel d=0.55 mm, color as chosen
  • Single chimney with one unit and gate, chimney cap, flue diameter Ø20 cm
  • Interior beech staircase, with a balustrade on the staircase and in the loft, finished with a clear coat