House construction

Building a house is an important step in the life of every person. In order to make it easy for you, we recommend low-energy prefabricated houses as the optimal solution.

By building low-energy prefabricated houses, you save time and money, because you hand over the building process from design to roof over to the professionals, and by investing in house insulation, you decrease heating and cooling costs.

In order to bring the process of constructing low-energy prefabricated houses closer to you, we have given a detailed description of the tasks from purchasing the house to handing over the keys, and in Construction Technology, we gave an explanation of the methods of construction of low-energy prefabricated houses.

With low-energy prefabricated houses, questions are always asked regarding fire and earthquake resistance, as well as the life-span of the house, which we have attempted to answer professionally and well in explanations.