From purchase to delivery

We offer about 80 types of houses: single-level, single-level with attics, and multilevel. Construction isn’t typified, so changes can be made to all the solutions offered in the catalog, and we also build houses according to the plans and shapes the investor desires - individual designs.

As the first step in choosing a house that best suits your desires and construction budget, we recommend that you have a look at the houses from our standard sales catalog.
You will find them with detailed explanations on our website, as well as other information regarding construction, quality, and construction method.
When you decide on a building, from our offer, or according to your own idea, contact us, so that we can define all the details related to the construction system, level of completion, and construction price.
Before construction begins, a construction contract is signed, which defines all the obligations of the investor and the contractor: level of completion, price, payment dynamics, commencement of construction, and construction deadline.

Our houses are constructed using the large panel system of elements which we install on a prepared foundation. After installing the walls in single-level homes, roof trusses are mounted. The installation of walls and roof trusses in single-level homes lasts several hours, depending on the size of the house. 
For single-level houses with attics, or multi-level houses, after installing the wall elements for the ground floor, the ceiling construction for the ground floor is then installed, onto which the wall elements for the attic or upper floor are installed, followed by the roof construction or roof panels. The installation of the ground floor, ceiling construction for the ground floor, attic or upper level walls, and roof construction or roof panels takes one day.
The completion of the other works, for the rough completion level, where the house is completely finished from the outside, and the interior is brought to a phase of finishing works, lasts differently depending on the size of the house, approximately 15-25 days for single-level homes, while single-level homes with attics or upper floors take 20-30 days. The finishing works that aren’t included in the offer include: final flooring with levelling and floor insulation, painting, interior doors, plumbing installation and sewage with bathroom fixtures, heating installation, and final electrical work.
Upon completion of the work defined in the contract, the house is ready for delivery. An inspection is conducted on site for all the paragraphs of the contract, and a delivery record is written up. Minor complaints do not affect the delivery of the house, but instead are solved by the deadline defined in the delivery record.