Domprojekt has regularly presented itself at fairs since 1995 in Croatia and abroad.

Fairs are a unique opportunity to present what we do, share experiences with colleagues from our profession, and adopt new technologies from the field of construction which we then apply in the construction of low-energy houses.

The photo gallery shows a short overview of the fairs we presented at, where you can see how much enthusiasm and how much energy we invest in this business. We are constantly in line with the times, new technology, and we are constantly enriching our offer for constructing low-energy housing with new construction systems, which wouldn’t be possible without the professional qualifications and years of experience in the construction of low-energy housing.
Some of the fairs we participated at include:
  • TEGRA, International Fair of Construction, Furnishings, and Air Conditioning, CRAFTS • BIAM-WELDING, April 2008, when as the main sponsor we offered a Domprojekt house 56.33 m2 in size, with a completed shell, as a prize for visitors of the fair in collaboration with the Zagreb Fair.
  • Fairs in Graz, Vienna, Munich, Stuttgart and Bern with the aim of expanding the offer on the markets abroad, and an opportunity to meet colleagues from the branch with whom we can share experiences on the construction of low-energy housing.