Designing low-energy prefabricated houses

The new generation of prefabricated houses possesses many advantages. Once known as unit construction, today it offers individuality, and you can define the architectural shape, level of construction, and features of the house. Today, prefabricated houses are modern; they suit all requirements, and are adapted to the area of construction.

The designers of Domprojekt propose new architectural solutions that are based rationally, so that every square meter of living space is used, and so that finally such a house is maximally affordable. In our basic selection, we offer more than 80 types of houses from our low-energy housing catalog.

The buildings are not typified, all design solutions from the catalog can be changed – the houses can be enlarged, reduced, mirrored. We design and construct houses according to investors’ requests regarding the layout and shape - individual projects.

When designing a low-energy house, the following parameters are important:
  • location of the building on the site
  • spatial orientation according to use: living room on the south, kitchen and lavatories on the north
  • orientation of main window surfaces towards the south
  • triple-glazed windows, filled with argon, and with a low-e coating
  • high insulation of external sheathing - floor, wall, ceiling, roof
  • high impermeability of sheathing
  • avoiding thermal bridges
  • energy efficient  heating, cooling, and ventilation device, and its combination with renewable energy sources
  • use of heat received from the sun, and protection from excessive sun using roller blinds or shutters.