Design office

The most modern CAD and 3D-CAD/CAM drawing programs are used for designing, along with the best quality and up-to-date professional programs for dimensioning constructions.

Such an approach enables the investor to completely experience the future construction, accurate calculation for the cost estimates and precision in choosing and ordering the necessary material.
Construction is a business that is well known for bringing about many unforeseen details, changes, and improvisations on site. Precise and clear planning documents make construction a pleasure for you and the builders.

Design office offer
Besides designing low-energy housing from our own production program, we also design all other buildings, regardless of their use and materials.

The design office offer includes the creation of:
  • conceptual designs
  • main designs
  • detailed designs
  • cost estimates for loan applications
  • energy certificates
All designs are made and supplemented with all drawings and applicable text in accordance with the Territorial Development and Construction Law (NN num., 76/07, 38/09, 55/11, 90/11, 50/12).

The conceptual design contains all coordinated drawings and documents that give a basic form-functional and technical solution of the construction, as well as the location of the construction on the building lot on an appropriate surveyed surface as defined by a certified surveyor.

The main design contains coordinated designs which give the technical solutions for the construction and prove the fulfillment of important requirements for the construction, as well as other requirements according to the Laws and special regulations and technical specifications.
The main design includes the:
  • architectural plan
  • engineering plan
  • water supply and sewage plan
  • electrical installation plan
  • mechanical plan (as required)
The detailed design consists of a detailed elaboration of the drawings from the main design in M 1:50, with solutions for solving the sheeting and reinforcement plan.

The cost estimate for credit applications contains a detailed description of items with material quantities and costs for individual tasks.

The plans are valid for the area of the Republic of Croatia.