Best Buy Award - Domprojekt

In the recently conducted Best Buy Construction survey, Domprojekt won first place as the Croatian company that produces prefabricated homes with the best price-quality ratio.

The recently conducted Best Buy Construction survey tested the experiences and opinions on the best price and quality ratio in more than 30 different categories from the construction sector.
A total of 1200 Croatian citizens with ties to the construction sector were surveyed. They are construction entrepreneurs/craftsmen, construction workers, construction project managers, supervisors or professionals tied to construction in a different away, or are simply renovating/building/furnishing their residential buildings as do-it-yourselfers.

Winning first place in the latest survey with an even larger group of those surveyed is a great pleasure for us. As the first and leading company in the construction of low-energy prefabricated houses in the region, we are continually putting in great effort to further improve the quality of our products and customer satisfaction.

Since the last survey by the Swiss ICERTIAS organization and the Croatian AXIOS company, we have launched numerous activities aimed at the further development of the Domprojekt. Great changes have been implemented in all phases of the production process - from preparation to final product. Domprojekt always has up to date software for designing prefabricated houses, calculating static calculations according to EU norms, software for preparing houses for production, and creating budgets. The 3D-CAD/CAM process, where we use state of the art technology to prepare and create prefabricated houses of a quality not yet seen in the region, has been implemented. We have also developed several new details that advance the quality and utilization of prefabricated homes. Our employees regularly attend all the important construction events worldwide, and we also have everything of the highest quality for wooden constructions right here, in Croatia.

Only the best from Domprojekt.

Domprojekt, Your Best Buy.